Vilnius Street Art festival organised for the fourth time is constantly improving its programme and trying to include more surprises in it every year. The programme of 2016 was truly impressive. Wall drawings and graffitis were replaced with more diverse projects: trolleybuses became vanishing objects and a waterfall emerged near the Green Bridge!                                                                       
The largest and the most important work of Vilnius Street Art 2016 emerged on the bank of Neris, in Žvejų street, on the wall of Seimas garage building that was exposed after the trees had been removed. Architect Ignas Lukauskas attached a realistic photo wallpaper to its façades thus bringing a large natural object – a waterfall – into the city. “This idea was inspired by the terraces of the building and the neighbouring river. We don`t have large waterfalls in Lithuania so from now on we will have one”, said its author Lukauskas. To create the work, the technique that has long been used by street artists – attaching a photo wallpaper – was used. Paper erodes and the artwork changes with it allowing the city residents to watch a natural life cycle of the waterfall.

Our company together with architect Lukauskis and Seimas Palace administration installed the lighting system for this artwork. It was a great example on how much illuminated building façades or other architectural or natural objects change the face of the city! We hope that examples like this one will encourage both city managers and the owners of buildings to focus on the illumination of facades.