October 13-14, the international light festival "Beepositive 2017" was held in Vilnius for the seventh time, which together with UAB "Korgas" and the Lithuanian Architects Union this year organized an international conference on "Urban and Artistic Lighting". This was the first such conference in the Baltic States. The conference invited architects, real estate developers, designers and urban planners to deepen their knowledge of urban lighting issues. The participants of the conference came not only from Lithuania but also from Latvia. The professional conference presenters presented urban lighting projects, which contributed to their successful implementation personally, shared their experience in this field and exposed the subtleties of modern city lighting - architectural lighting interactions with building engineering solutions, its importance in shaping public spaces, business image and creating an entirely different, an exceptional city face.
The report was read by experienced lighting experts: Star of New York Light Design, Kacper Dolatowski (USA), President of Axon Lightning Design Inc., Jari Vuorinen, Lighting Designer from Helsinki, Lighting Design Collective, with more than twenty years of experience in architectural light design and Johan Moritz, a light designer in the field of lighting design (Finland), Member of the Board of IES, professional lighting industry Markku Varsila (Finland), as well as Johann Moritz, the lightest designer in Malmö City, has more than 30 lighting designs presented the subtleties of the City Light Designer and the latest developments in this area. trends in the field (Sweden) and light designer, lecturer at the AAU Univesity in Copenhagen Tina Wirkstrom (Sweden).
After the conference the organizers of the festival invited the night light tour "Guerilla Lighting Tour", where it was possible to see the nightly Vilnius Old Town.