One of Hevilum partners Artemide visited us and a new light technology that effectively combats bacteria, fungi and mould with the help of violet light components, while being absolutely harmless to people, animals and plants. Light can act as a disinfectant. Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, the use of UVC light to kill viruses has been booming.
Benefits of INTEGRALIS®
high-quality design luminaries with disinfecting effect;
violet light to combat bacteria, fungi and mould;
completely harmless to people;
perfect balance of light quality, colour reproduction and disinfection;
four lighting solutions and an optional UVC method of killing viruses;
DALI-compatible and controllable via the Artemide App.
The violet light components in the wavelength range of 405 nm restrict the growth and spread of pathogenic microorganisms that are completely invisible to the human eye. INTEGRALIS® achieves a perfect and unique balance between excellent light quality, optimal color reproduction and effective disinfection. INTEGRALIS® combines four independent solutions, which can be used on their own or in combination. The dosage and type of disinfection can therefore be adjusted to suit any individual situation.
For example, INTEGRALIS® can operate as efficient lighting during normal office hours, preventing the growth of bacteria. During the night, in contrast, the violet component can be increased by up to 100 percent, which effectively kills bacteria and germs. The system can be supplemented by an optional UVC technology, which also reliably kills viruses and offers additional protection.