Vilkaviskis Cathedral

Vilkaviskis Cathedral

The church was built in Vilkaviskis, in 1870 – 1881. In 1926 Vilkaviskis became a bishopric centre, whereas a parish church was turned into a cathedral.

Aesthetic task

The main objective was that the building could be visible not only during the hours of darkness, but also reveal another face in the dark, as a distinctive structure, as luminary in the city. Reinvigorate the town's image, attract, bring together residents.

Create a safe and comfortable space was also a very important aspect. Attempts were made to highlight the most beautiful areas of the building, illuminating the architecture of the building, but at the same time its territory: shrines, paths, trees, gates.

All this has become a whole, which live a new life during the hours of darkness.

Technical task

lluminate the exceptional architecture of the building without changing architecture and with a minimum intervention into the building.

Luminaire design had to be "invisible", with a wide range of characteristics. This project has been adapted to newer, increasingly popular lighting concept where the equipment is installed on the same facade. This allows better to highlight the facade, highlighting the distinct parts. At the same time avoids the kind of powerful floodlights glare.


Applying advanced LED Lenticular technology, used luminaires are very light and bulky, so during the day the luminaires on the facade are practically invisible, and the total power consumption in the project is only 1,9kW, which is equivalent to the power absorbed by the electric kettle.

For facade lighting were used 105 pieces luminaires in total (the total power is 1,5kW). The churchyard and the gate lighting is used 45 units (total power is 0.4 kW)
The design of the lamp was adapted to the architecture of the building
iGuzzini šviestuvas BX03

Waranty 5 years.
iGuzzini šviestuvas BH25

Exceptionally compact lamp
iGuzzini šviestuvas BU83

In the project was used luminaires, which are extremely long-lived, due to this, it could be installed and at high altitudes, without fear that it will need more frequent service.

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