Private house

Privite house

In the prestige location of Vilnius, under the shades of fine pine trees, a residential house has been built of 400 m2 along with a guest house of 100 m2 – a perfect shelter for the refreshing of the body and the soul, the improvement of the mood and the retrieval of the joy of life.

Intelligent technologies

The family house distinguishes in intelligent technologies, therefore all the lighting fixtures had to be adapted to the smart home system.

The main task was to make the overall lighting invisible and to highlight only the principal accent lighting fixtures,which match the interior.


The task was set by the Customer and the interior architect Mrs Greta Motiejūnienė.

It called for more details, colours and natural materials.

The most important criteria were functionality and high quality.

Bathroom lighting

The owner bedroom is connected to the bathroom.

Since these are two separate rooms, which require different lighting, a few types of lighting fixtures have been chosen.

In the bath area, recessed frameless luminaries are used, which emit a lot of light but are almost invisible.
The floor l was selected to match the lamp above the dinner table and upholstered furniture.
The minimalistic lamp provides perfect illumination for the family`s dinner table and surrounding space.
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