Hotels lighting

Hotels lighting

    Lighting solutions were combined with the hotel’s modern design solutions. In collaboration with interior designers we offered to use modern and minimalist luminaires consisting of round elegant shapes and lines from Belfiore 9010novantadieci (Italy), illuminating the lobby, corridors, rooms and gym. These recessed luminaires of different sizes combine the project into a whole providing an accent that is repeated throughout the building.

   The combination of aesthetic and compositional solutions creates a unique atmosphere in this building of exceptional architecture. Guests of the hotel enter a tasteful and relaxing environment, surrounded by a feeling of tidiness and coziness. The interior of the rooms is both simple and exclusive. The combination of pastel tones, natural materials and textures provides aesthetic pleasure, and proper backlighting enhances visual comfort.
    For the lighting of conference rooms, with a capacity of up to 150 people, functional floodlights from Oktalite (Germany) have been selected, with the help of which it is possible to create both appropriate lighting scenarios suitable for various presentations as well as support a working environment.

  The basement Bar invites hotel guests to a fun and cozy evening. Directional luminaires from Oktalite (Germany) have been chosen to create a warm atmosphere, which draws attention to the shelves on the wall and the photos displayed on them.
    A special highlight in this room are the hanging decorative glass and metal luminaires, which focus on specific bar areas where drinks are served.


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